Game changer

SwitchMyRide.com is a total game changer, regardless if you’re in a lease or a loan on your current vehicle.

For the first time, you can now shop for new vehicles from an entirely new vantage point, online from your device or computer anytime without giving up any of your private data – no phone number, no email, no account numbers, etc.  Just your zip code, as manufacturer incentives and car values can vary by region or location.

How it works

  1. Just answer some simple questions about your current car, what type you want for the new one, and hit Submit.
  2. Instantly you’ll have a list of all the vehicles in your search type that fit the payment range you want.
  3. Scroll through the results, and simply click the ones you want more information about from your local dealer or even schedule a test drive.

That’s it!  Numbers are based on your local area-average reported real values and actual deals, including current, real-time manufacturer incentives.

Your actual trade value may be higher or lower, pending final inspection and appraisal, so clean it up like you’re selling it because you are.  Put yourself in the dealers shoes; the nicer you clean up your car, the more value it will have to them when they first see it.

SwitchMyRide.com puts the power in your hands, to help you find cars, trucks and SUV’s in a payment range that you choose, and calculates your current car trade value and loan or lease information into the formula and gives you results based on reality; real time incentives from the manufactures, and actual recent pricing from local dealers in your area.   And all without any of your private contact data!

SwitchMyRide.com will then provide you with a list of similar type of vehicles you want, in a payment range you select, including the financial parameters of your current vehicle loan/lease.

Then and only then, when you’re ready to connect with a local dealer or go test driving, just scroll through your results and click on the vehicles you want more information on from the nearest local dealers of just those vehicles.

Welcome to SwitchMyRide.com, the smartest, fastest and easiest way to shop for your new ride!

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